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If you’re interested in learning to how to make daily sales on the world's biggest eCommerce sites, without spending any money up front, you’re on the perfect page.

I’m about to show you exactly how you can get passive income with a twist:

- You don’t have to spend ANY money (no ad costs, no inventory to buy, no design costs)

- You don’t need ANY skills (you can be brand new)

- You can live anywhere in the world

Sure, that’s a big promise - but by the time you’re done reading this letter you’ll learn exactly how to do this.

I’ll explain everything in more detail here shortly, but here’s the first part of my super-simple “Low Hanging System” model:

1. Come up with very-simple design ideas - we’re talking, word-based phrases that take you 30 seconds or less to think of (keep reading to see how easy it is)…

2. Use a FREE text spinner app to put the phrases in pretty fonts…

3. Take your new “designs” and put them on top of products like mugs, posters, pillowcases, shirts, shot glasses, and more….

You can then take those “products” and sell them on sites like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay in unlimited amounts without having to buy any inventory.

The products are “print on demand”, so they only get made AFTER you get a sale from a customer. 


A word or two of text gives you all kinds of new products you can sell on some of the highest-traffic websites in the world.

You don’t risk a thing.

I’m not a big fan of teaching “theory”. The system you’re about to learn is something that consistently gets results.

Here’s a recent screenshot of my sales from a 30 day period:

Not bad for passive income.

Yes, PASSIVE. This is something I don’t spend much time on because although it works, I personally have several other businesses. I’ve always treated this model as a fun stress-relief project. You’ll see why as you read on.

And while this makes at least 5 figures a month every month, sales explode during the holidays. Check out what happened this holiday season:

$124k in Passive Income in December:

Obviously this isn’t a typical month. It was Christmastime. But I was thrilled, especially considering I’d done nothing for months to get those sales.

When you add in eBay, Etsy, Shopify (optional), and so on, the numbers start to really add up.

Customers are very happy with these impulse purchases. Check out my feedback on various sites:

So you have a risk-free business model that you get to feel proud of. Awesome!

There are a few big reasons why this model is so effective for all kinds of people.

Here’s the thing: when you sell on sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, you get to leverage some of the highest traffic websites online.

Think about how many millions of people sell on Amazon alone. TONS!

All you have to do is list your products on there for FREE, and then when people do searches relevant to your product - for example, “funny knitting mug” or “funny dog shirt” - they’ll be able to find you!

Where else can you get in front of thousands of people without spending big money on advertising or without learning complicated traffic strategies like search engine optimization? Nowhere!

Some of the sites you can list products on are free and you only pay fees after you make a sale.

Others have introductory offers where you can put up 20-50 products for free, then they’re a few cents per listing. Most of the profit for companies is made AFTER you make sales.

You don’t need to do paid advertising, you don’t need to pay for designs (in fact I’ll show you how to make them for free), and you don’t need to buy any expensive software.

It’s so low-risk.

Busy life? No problem!

As I mentioned, I don’t spend that much time on this model. I actually really enjoy it but because I have other businesses, I treat this as a fun side project.

I come up with quirky little design ideas (more on this later), pop them on products, and the passive income starts to roll in.

This method is so simple that we even have children doing it.

You don’t need any skills at all to get started.

You can think of each product you list as a new mini-passive income stream.

The more simple designs you put up, the more chances you have to make passive income.

Check out the emails that come in over and over on autopilot:


The results I’m sharing aren’t just mine, by the way.

I’ve been teaching some people this model for a few months now and here are just a few of the results people post in our group:

“Wow! I put up my first 8 mugs yesterday and just now got a sale!”

“Put up 9 mugs 3 hours ago… already sold 2!”

“Listed 8 mugs over the weekend, make my first sale today!”

I call my method the “Low Hanging System” because of how simple it is, and I’m about to share the whole thing with you.

It’s a 7-step formula that’s very easy to understand.

You follow the steps, you make money. It’s that cut and dry.

If you’re reading this with your guard up, let me be upfront from the beginning.

At the end of this letter, AFTER I give you more details about this system, I’m going to offer you my in-depth Low Hanging System training where I go over my method in detail, plus offer some other great automation tools.

I don’t want you to even consider the course if you don’t feel your mind has opened up wide from the information I share here.

Cool? Let’s get going…

Here’s the part where we come up with a SUUUUUPER-SIMPLE design idea.

it’s not complicated and you don’t need to do any niche research. In fact, my method is more of a “throw spaghetti at the wall” variety.

(As I said, I use this model to have FUN, so having strict rules would be missing the point.)

To prove to you that “throw spaghetti at the wall” works, I invite you to check out from Amazon’s bestseller list:

These mugs have all been sold thousands of times:


Crazy that a simple text-based design like that would work so well, right? The one in the middle doesn’t have proper grammar, the one on the right is pixelated, yet those designs are constantly at the top of Amazon’s best seller list.

WHY, you ask?

Well, the thing is - the products I’m going to show you to sell on - mugs, shirts, pillow cases, posters, shot glasses, necklaces, etc - are all impulse buys that are cheap for people to purchase.

As long as you can make someone smile - either because something’s funny or sentimental - it’s not that hard to make a sale.

Take mugs for example. I generally charge $14.95 for an 11 oz white mug, then $4.95 for shipping and handling. People are impulse buying something for less than $20 that makes them feel great!

They also make very good presents.

You can find ideas EVERYWHERE for phrases, by the way - bumper stickers, Pinterest, Facebook, commercials, t-shirts… it goes on and on.

And ONE phrase idea can become 100+ designs! Let’s say you decide to have a phrase that says something like “World’s Best Pit Bull Mom”. You can do the same thing for poodles, dachshunds, rottweilers, even cat breeds!

If you decide to make a shirt that says “I prefer knitting to people” - well, you can make one for scrapbooking, playing basketball, running, and a zillion other niches.

Now you have TONS of phrases ready to pop onto products. So simple.

Oh! And don’t forget - if you have existing designs laying around for whatever reason, maybe you sold t-shirts in the past - DEFINITELY grab those and pop them on other products, too.

As you saw above, SIMPLE SELLS.

Here’s a screenshot I pulled from Amazon’s bestseller list - look how many text based designs are selling!

You can use a veeeeery simple app to make some great designs.

There are apps like WordSwag (less than $5, one-time fee) that will let you input in some text, press a button or two, and then come up with endless permutations of design options.

These are 2 of about 500+ designs that you could make:

There are many free desktop based tools too, like PicMonkey.

Each design can be made in as quickly as 5-30 seconds, so you can see how this can scale up VERY quickly.

Oh, and a quick warning: I don’t recommend you hire outsourcers to create fancy designs, nor do I recommend you spend more than a minute or two per design. We call it “low hanging” for a reason. 🙂

Now that you have a simple design, it’s time to take it and pop it onto a mockup. Don’t worry if you’re horrible at anything technical like I am, as this is VERY easy.

Usually I’ll just take a design and upload it to UseGearBubble.com (free to sign up). You just take the design you made, upload it on top of a campaign, and presto - you have a product image ready to sell on the big ecommerce sites.

Here’s what you start with:

Here’s what you can end up with:

And that's not everything. Here's just some of what's available for you to sell:

Bonus: Sometimes listing a product on UseGearBubble alone can get you sales, which is pretty awesome considering it’s free to list AND gives you great images. Check it out:

If you’re curious about the quality of these products, here’s what people in Low Hanging System are saying:

“Got my first reviews… 5 stars, customer said ‘perfect!’”

“First Etsy review… five stars”

“Just got this review - he LOVES it. GREAT packaging. Communication is fantastic.”

Good stuff.

I hope you’re loving this so far. It’s amazing how SIMPLE this is, yet how effortless it can be to make sales!

I’m about to go through steps 4-7 with you. To save us both time, I’m going to kill two birds with one stone (has anyone found a better phrase for this yet!?) and tell you about my Low Hanging System course, AND the rest of the system.

You’ll still get all the steps, and I’ll also explain to you exactly what you’re going to get in Low Hanging System.

Cool? Cool.

Before you launch your products on e-commerce sites, you want to find the best keywords to use in your product title and descriptions.

This will help you stand out in the marketplaces.

I mean, sure - you can sometimes just list a product and sales will automatically come. Most of the time you need a little “juice” in your keywords so you can be at the top of the search engines each time someone searches for a product in your category.

This is very very easy to do, and can be done for free, or you can use cheap $9/month tools that do all the heavy lifting for you. You decide if you have more money or time. We go over both options inside Low Hanging System.

Once you have those keywords, you’re ready to move on to listing your products.

Inside Low Hanging System we go over all kinds of things you can do to get as many sales as possible:

- How to get your products to the top of Amazon’s search engines

- Where you can find people who would love to buy your product at discounted rates so that you can show Amazon people love your product and have them show it to more people on your behalf

- Learn how to sell personalized mugs - this is a GREAT way to charge more for mugs, and people LOVE THEM!

(Inside the course I’ll also show you some really neat ways you can take FREE (commercially friendly) images to make tons of sales.)

- How to set your accounts up the easy way (even if you’re an international seller)

- Interview with an Amazon expert making $500/day - she gives tons of tips…

- Simple ways to use Sponsored Ads (This is optional and normally I recommend not spending any money at all, but since I’m getting an ROI about 99% of the time I’d be remiss not to tell you about it)

- How to effortlessly list your products for FREE - you don’t even need UPC codes anymore! It’s easy-peasy-free.

…and a TON more.

Every step in this model is optional since it’s all about “low hanging”, but Etsy and eBay are such EASY MONEY.

Inside the course we go over all kinds of things:

- How you can push a button and import your Amazon listings into other marketplaces

- Learn best practices for making the most of eBay, Etsy, and other sites

- The “flea market find” - aka, I met a woman at a flea market who told me she was killing it on Etsy, and I somehow got her to make us a video explaining her secrets

- And a LOT more!

Don’t underestimate those sites, by the way. Here are just some experiences people have had:

"$344.61 on Etsy in 12 days"

eBay Results:

Etsy Results:

As I said before, if you follow the system, you can’t fail.

You make sales.

You might not make a sale in an hour like some people have, and you might not even make a sale your first week. But if you keep adding in these simple designs, you WILL make sales.

We have a carefully crafted system set to help you make sales - a very thorough course, super-supportive Facebook group, and I even do critiques for your designs if you’re trying and for whatever reason not making sales. But the thing is, people DO make sales. Examples:

Every time you get an order, it’s submitted to UseGearBubble. They get your design created and shipped out from within the USA (not China!) in a matter of days.

You’ll get a tracking number that you can give your customers - or in some cases, will automatically be given to your customers - and then you’re DONE!

All you had to do was list your super-simple designs.

After you go through those steps, you may want to scale up.

If you’d rather just do steps 1-7 and keep this as a strictly passive income play, no problem.

And if you’re earning a return on investment you may want to start a Shopify store, build a list, or add in other types of products.

In the “Scale Up” section in Low Hanging System you’ll learn:

- Free apps you can use to make more sales on your Shopify store

- How you can build a list

- How to “bundle” items and earn much more per order than ever before

I’ve also added in some custom products that nobody else is able to sell. At the moment these items are shot glasses, water bottles, as well as some to-be-released items like socks, wallets, handbags, photo cubes, and so on.

Some of these items will eventually be on UseGearBubble, while others will exclusively be for Low Hanging System members.

Here are some of the items that will be available (if not already):

You’ve seen some results so far, and I’ve got to tell you - they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

We have 400+ results-oriented testimonials from people who have been through this system. Here's a screenshot inside our Facebook group:

Why is this? I think it’s because it is SO SIMPLE.

“My first time making money online… because this… made it simple to take action on”

“BIG THANK YOU - $3k in sales!”

“$10k in 2 days!”

“Got our 5k badge… doesn’t include Amazon.ca or Etsy!”

"20 sales this weekend!”

“Through the month of December I puled in an extra $10k in revenue!”

While many people follow the system completely (which is what I recommend until you’re making sales), some people get creative and sell in bulk quantities. Think of how nice it would be to get sales like this!

“I just sold 50 mugs to one customer!!”

“I got a bulk order for 18 mugs today!”

“Sold 25 mugs… for a firefighter banquet!!”

“23 mugs in one day… to my friend in a biker club!”

“Restaurant owner said he’d buy 12 right away!!”

Before I tell you the investment on this, I’m going to walk you through the MATH of how much you’ll make per mug. That will help you make a logical decision on if this is a good option for you or not.

As I mentioned, I normally charge $14.95 per white 11 oz mug. Other mugs are higher priced - for example, you might charge $29.95 for a personalized mug, or offer some kind of special bundle. But let’s keep this conservative.

If you were to post on Amazon (with the highest fees), every time you made a sale, this is what would happen:

Gross income: $19.90 ($14.95 for mug, $4.95 for shipping)

Expenses: $12.14 ($2.24 Amazon fee, $4.95 to buy the mug, $4.95 to ship it.)

Net profit per mug: $7.30

Of course, this is of the most basic product there is. You could charge more for 15 ounce mugs, black mugs, color changing mugs, shirts, personalized items, and so on.

But remember - even if you stick with 11 oz white mugs, this is all passive income. You’re not paying for ads. You’re not paying for traffic. You’re simply listing them and watching sales come in. Not shabby.

Now, here’s an example of a week’s sales I pulled in October, which is NOT a peak time:

Notice this says Product Name = MUG. I might have other products, but this was pulled exclusively for mugs.

And again, this was during a SLOW period. Here's a screenshot from Google Trends to show you that sales dip in October:

So knowing this, let's do the math:

200 sales * $7.30 profit = $1460 a WEEK take-home profit, which is...

$5,840 is life-changing income. It covers mortgages, car payments - heck, it covers full living expenses for many people.

But beyond that, remember - I pulled a screenshot JUST for the mugs. You could take one design and create 20+ more product opportunities. Remember all the options you have (and this isn't even an exhaustive picture!):

Of course, you could also put a lot more time into this than I do.

So when we look at the math, one could argue that charging a month's profits - $5,840 - would be fair, considering there are 11 more months plus future years.

It would DEFINITELY be fair to charge a week's profits, $1460, considering there are 51 more weeks plus other years and this is income in a slow period, NOT Christmas.

However.... your investment isn't even a week's profits.

Warning: no brainer-offer ahead. 😉

Normally if you’re NOT in the Low Hanging System, you’d have to pay either a monthly fee of $97/month or $997/year to be able to use UseGearBubble’s dropship program.

You can of course sell directly on GearBubble.com, but to use their dropship program, where you can sell on other stores, you’d have to pay multiple fees. Here’s a screenshot from the actual purchase page:

You’d have to pay $1 extra per product to sell up to 25 products, or you could pay a monthly fee of up to $97/month, or $997/year.

Hundreds of people have paid that $997/year.  Because my boyfriend owns GB, I’ve seen the receipts.

But as a bonus, you’re going to get it for FREE, for unlimited products, for up to 5 stores. Amazing.

You also get free Amazon integration for a year which is a GREAT value, and only available for $97/month currently:

The way it works is that you upload your product onto GearBubble, click a button, and your product gets imported over to Amazon with all the pictures and description intact.

Every time you make a sale the customer’s name, order, and address gets sent to GearBubble. Your order gets automatically made and shipped out, and the tracking numbers update and get sent back into Amazon.

It’s complete hands-off income for you.

This saves you a ton of time (and/or need to hire an assistant). You need to be on the Pro Amazon plan to use this, or you can do manual orders until you have it. Here’s what one person said about it:

“Love this Amazon interface. 14 orders arrived, shipping confirmations sent out. Didn’t have to lift a finger.”

How much more easy can this be? 🙂 You already have no design costs or ad costs, now you don't even need to place a manual order.

We’re making it pretty easy for you to succeed.

Let’s check this math out…

Here's everything you get SO FAR:

  1.  Low Hanging System -which could 100% be fairly priced at a week’s profits: $1460
  2. UseGearBubble Dropship program: legit $997/year
  3. Amazon Integration: legit $1164/year

Added up, this would be $3621 in REAL-WORLD VALUE.

Even if you took out the weekly course price, that still puts you at over $2k in “people-have-paid-this” value.

But your investment is NONE of those things.

Purchase below to get instant access:

Low Hanging System - Re-Launch Special

On top of that, your purchase is 100% guaranteed:

Put the program to full use.

If you decide it's not for you, no worries, we'll give you a full refund. Just say the word within thirty days and we'll get you squared away.

People have been loving the product and I doubt you'll want a refund, but the option is there so you're fully covered.

In the name of "no-brainer offer", there's even MORE that you get with your purchase.




Low Hanging System - Re-Launch Special

Thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing you inside.

With love,
Rachel Rofe