Need Help Succeeding with Low Hanging System?

I’ve Got A Package for That!

You’re already in the Low Hanging System program and you know what it can do for you. But do you want to ramp up your success? Do you feel you lack the skills to come up with winning designs? Or maybe you just don’t have time to do everything and could use some help with quick and easy designs?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then I have the product for you.

It’s called...Design Club.

How Does It Work?

For one low price each month, you receive 50 designs that can be placed on just about any type of product – coffee mugs, travel mugs, coasters, shot glasses, shirts, you name it.

When you join Design Club you’ll receive:

  • 50 designs per month, which you can put on 10+ different products – that’s 500+ new and unique items you can list each and every month on Amazon, Etsy, eBay and wherever else you sell.
  • These are plain text, simple designs – no images, no fluff – just like I teach in Low Hanging System and just like I sell thousands of personally every single month.
  • You’ll get designs in both black and white text – this gives you more options for using them with not just the white mugs, travels mugs, etc. but also black mugs and shirts.
  • Every design you receive is unique to you – no mass designs, no monthly “sets” being given to everyone, this is a real opportunity to gain traction.

With Design Club, you'll get random niches across a variety of subjects - hobbies, occupations, pets, music, sports, geography - that will not only be immediately valuable but also will set your imagination loose on just what's possible.

And you’ll often get template designs that you can use to make even more designs and spark new ideas.

Design Club will help you follow the LHS program every month, so you can easily and consistently list new designs and make it more likely that you will make sales.

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Low Hanging System - Design Membership

Still Not Convinced?

Here's What Some Members Have Said...

Talk about adding easy-peasy to low-hanging! When I'm trying hard to build out the number of products I offer, there are days when inspiration just plain fails me. Instead of getting anxious and nonproductive, the Design Club already-made images are ready to go! The B & W designs work for tons of products, bring the cost down to pennies per campaign, and keep me productive even when I'm not feeling it. Love it!


Received my 100 designs today AND the extras! Just from those I have enough for 100s of design ideas! Thank you!


Ugly black text on white mugs is the main style of design that I recommend over and over in LHS – and what I and many other LHS’ers use to make thousands of sales repeatedly. That’s what Design Club gives you.

You already know that Low Hanging System gives you the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a month creating simple products that the public wants to buy – and now you don’t even need to come up with your own designs. I’ll do that for you!

The only problem is that I can only take so many members each month, so sign-ups can close at any time.

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Low Hanging System - Design Membership

With love,
Rachel Rofe