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When you purchase, you are going to get the EXACT system Rachel uses to build her passive income empire. By following this system, you’ll get a PROVEN blueprint that has worked over and over for countless students.

Here's everything you will get:

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“I’ve been making an extra $20 - $40 each day from doing nothing….and I mean nothing.”

“Got our 5k badge! Time for steak!”

The Low Hanging System

Step 1: Find proven niches that you know will sell

Use our research tool for access to 100 bestselling ideas quickly...

Step 2: Make a great design

Check out the case studies to see crazy-easy ways to use FREE images for your mugs...

Step 3: Launch on

Step 4: Find sales-getting keywords so you can be found

Step 5: Launch on Amazon

The mug launcher software makes this WAY easier

Make sure to watch the video on selling personalized mugs too

Step 6: Post on other sites like eBay, Bonanza, etc

You've done the groundwork - watch how easy it is to get extra sales...

Step 7: Process your orders

Optional: Scale up

"Doing absolutely NOTHING... bringing in $75-$100 PROFIT a day... have 35 products."

"Watch Me Get Sales" Case Studies

1. Sales From Clip Art - See the FREE photos I use to make countless sales of mugs, pillow cases, and posters. This is a must-watch.

2. Easy Pillow Case Sales - Learn how to very easily sell pillow cases across tons of niches. I’ll show you how to take one design and scale it across tons of niches and how to double your orders very easily.

3. Capitalize Off Trends - Check out mugs I've sold during holidays and exactly how I was able to have them generate hundreds and hundreds of sales.

Plus lifetime access to all ongoing case studies

"My mug sales just paid for my tickets to a Stanley Cup playoff game!!!"

Top-Notch Software

Beta Access To SpotWins Research Tool - Find hundreds of top-selling designs on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and way more - very quickly.

Mug launching toolSave the pain of listing one mug at a time and list hundreds within minutes! (Creating this was no small feat and cost over $1k to make.)

This will save you HOURS and HOURS of time. Instead of taking 2-5 minutes per listing, take 20-30 seconds!

"Sold my first mug... zero advertising!"

Facebook Group

Ask questions, celebrate wins, and give and get ongoing support with our active Facebook group.

"Started about 4 weeks ago... average $250/day"

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BONUS #1: A Year Of UseGearBubble Dropship Access

This is a HUGE bonus:

  • Hundreds of people actually pay $997/year for this…
  • No per-product fees (you save $1/unit)
  • No product limits / no “upgrade to fulfill the rest of your orders”
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs + 14 months of ongoing work means it’s bulletproof tested for you and will be around for a LONG time…

"Made 5 sales in first week... sales have consistently improved since."

Bonus #2: FREE Amazon Integration For A Year

Another WOW -

  • List a product on and have it update to Amazon
  • Auto-fulfill your orders with one click
  • Saves you a TON of time and/or need to hire an assistant
  • Will either cost $997/annually or $1/order extra
  • Goes in effect on September 8th

“Set a goal to double $1000 in 30 days…. just reached $2000!”

Bonus #3: $50 In Credits To Your Dropship Account

Your first few mugs are on us!

  • Get $50 in credit to your account - so your first 10 mugs are FREE
  • You can use these to get initial sales and reviews
  • You already have no design costs or ad costs, now you’ve got material costs for your first orders
  • We’re making it pretty easy for you to succeed!

"On vacation....average 5 orders a day!"

“Started about two months ago… make sales every day…. not a native speaker.”

“Began exactly 1 month ago today and have had 111 orders.”

This is a crazy-good offer and I hope to see you on the inside. 🙂

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I'm looking forward to working with you!

With love,
Rachel Rofé